Bold Lips or nude Lips?

strong lips? nude lips? Decisões decisões!
Which one do you like to wear more: nude lips or strong lips? Girl, you understand me. I feel like a one-trick pony since all I do is wear nude lips, however I am trying to do Karen 2.0 as well as wear more strong lip colors.

So, I’m gonna state “bold lips 4 life” right now. This shade, by the way, that I’m wearing, that strong lip on the right, ’cause I understand you’re gonna ask me — — is The Body shop Sydney Amaryllis Matte Lip Liquid.


That’s what I’m wearing. It’s a warm red, as well as it’s awesome. as well as the nude is from the as well dealt with Funfetti set. It’s a lipgloss — a extremely warm nude, as well as super sheer. It’s nice if you just want a bit sum’n sum’n.

E você? nude lips or bold?

Seu viciado em beleza comunitário amigável,



P.S. TGIFFFFFFFFFF!!! What a week for the ages.

P.p.s. happy professionals Day!!!!

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