MAC Is Taking us Waaaay Back With the MAC Throwback Lipsticks

From the new MAC Throwback collection: Shrimpton (Satin), Bronx (Matte), icon (Frost), Skew (Frost), Marrakesh (Matte), Spanish Fly (Frost) and Rocker (Matte) Lipsticks
AHHHH! allow me to fly my MAC freak flag for a second, because I can remember with shocking clarity the night I wore MAC Skew Lipstick, one of the seven lipsticks in the MAC Throwback collection, to my pal Cindy’s birthday party in 2002.

I can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday, but I remember wearing Skew 16 years ago with a blackened gray smoky eye (complete with glitter). I also remember touching it up underneath blue lights in a Castro dance club (and I may or may not have been a little tipsy) and thinking, “This is the best lipstick ever! This is the best night ever! I’m gonna dance like this forever!”


LOL. Ah, the good times I had with Skew.

I love this pink duochrome coral so much, and I went through several tubes. I can’t believe I didn’t realize it had been discontinued.

That’s MAC for ya. So lots of colors, so little time…


Gatos e moletom com maquiagem ??

US $ 42.

Compre agora

Like the other six lipsticks in MAC Throwback, Skew was cast aside!

OK, maybe that’s a little dramatic. It was “quietly retired.”

Well, now they’re back, at least temporarily.

MAC Shrimpton (Satin), Bronx (Matte), icon (Frost), Skew (Frost), Marrakesh (Matte), Spanish Fly (Frost) and Rocker (Matte)

I didn’t wear all seven of these colors way back when, but I remember seeing a lot of of them around, especially the dark mattes, Marrakesh and Rocker, which are/were very 1995.

I think the nude mattes, Shrimpton and Bronx, are completely new to me, but they look like something I would’ve layered under MAC Oyster girl in the early aughts.

Ooh, that’s old-school ideal there! Fist bump if you get that ref.

And icon and Spanish Fly (both Frosts) look like colors I wore around 1997 with incredibly dark lip liner (which would have been left unblended, of course).

The mattes in the collection feel like the MAC formula felt back in the day. They seem thicker and heavier than the newer MAC mattes to me, and the finish looks flatter and a lot more stark.

Aaaand, they’re also just as drying as those older MAC mattes were, FYI. So keep your favorite lip balm at the ready.

vôo espanhol
Even though these seven shades had their moment, I think this is a terrific idea for a collection. If you’re thinking about getting just one, I say get hold of Skew, or at least take a look at it. I think it’ll look fab on a lot of skin tones. It’s coral, but it has a pink duochrome, so often it looks a lot more pink, depending on what you’re wearing on your eyes and cheeks.

Bonus: It’s only moderately pigmented, which indicates that you can touch it up without a mirror.


These seven are $17.50 each, and they’re available now at select MAC counters and the MAC website.

Seu viciado amigável de apelação de bairro,


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