Maquiagem, bem como apelar blog segunda-feira, vol. 350

A persimmon from the tree in my mommy as well as dad’s backyard!
Você pode estar se perguntando: “Então, o que na tarnation é esta segunda-feira, uma coisa de pesquisa de qualquer maneira!?”

Bem, não é precisamente uma pesquisa. É muito mais evoluir regularmente (desobstruir?), Uma lista de preocupações aleatórias que eu tenho colocado para os visitantes todas as segundas da manhã nos últimos sete anos. (É como um kickstart para o seu cérebro.) Eu sempre assumi prazer em ler suas respostas nos comentários, assim como espero que você tenha prazer em ler o meu.

What’s one thing you feel like you’re *always* doing?
Oh, that’s easy. Lavanderia. Doesn’t matter if I just washed as well as put away a huge stack of clothes/towels/linens/whatever, there’s always something a lot more to wash. Nunca acaba!

Same goes for makeup brushes. I’m always as well as permanently washing makeup brushes…

Something you desire you’d examined in school?
The arts of bargaining as well as negotiation, although ideal now I’m not even sure there were classes for those things…but they’re such helpful skills to have for work as well as routine daily life.

I never believed about bargaining for anything as a teenager as well as a youngster since I was either as well timid or terrified of rocking the boat, however I’m trying to get much better at it.

Oh, did I tell you that I set up a bargaining difficulty for myself? I’ve been saving money to get some new furniture, as well as when the time comes, I’m going to force myself to attempt to discuss the cost down.

I figure it’s the very best method to discover exactly how to do it (and to not be terrified to walk away if I have to).

Do you ever bring your pet to work?
Cada. Solteiro. Dia. since while working from house has its own set of difficulties (feeling cut off from the world, having problems with work/home life boundaries, not having work friends to vent to when you’re feeling stressed…), being away from your crabby plus-size tabby feline isn’t one of them.

Are you a lot more or a girly woman or a tom boy?
Now, a girly girl, however I was a lot more of a tom kid when I was a teen as well as tween.

How lots of purses do you have, as well as of those, exactly how lots of do you on a regular basis use?
Well, crap. let me believe about that… I believe there are about 15 in my wardrobe ideal now? however I truly only utilize two of them. One’s a brown Michael Kors tote, as well as the other is a red Kate Spade cross-body.

I believe this is the universe’s method of letting me understand that the last thing I requirement is one more handbag, LOL!


Sua vez. Basta copiar, bem como colar o cumprimento de preocupações em um comentário com suas respostas. Eu olho em frente para lê-los!

1. What’s one thing you feel like you’re *always* doing?
2. Something you desire you examined in school?
3. Do you ever bring your pet to work?
4. Are you a lot more or a girly woman or a tom boy?
5. exactly how lots of purses do you have, as well as of those, exactly how lots of do you on a regular basis use?


Gatos e moletom com maquiagem ??

US $ 42.

Compre agora

Hiya, wonderful pea. Greetings to you on this lovely, albeit rainy, Monday. You understand what’s one of my preferred things to have for breakfast in the fall? A bowl of sliced persimmons (but they have to be cold) as well as a cup of coffee.

On that note, that persimmon up there at the top of this publish is now in my tummy.



I hope your stomach is full this morning as well as your heart is light.

Seu viciado em apelação comunitária amigável,


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