Chanel Les Beiges healthy glow natural Eyeshadow palette in Deep (Take One)

and now for something completely different (not), if I had a nickel for every time I watched a YouTube makeup video and thought, “Oh, I can handle that. That’s gonna be easy.” and then I tried it and was like, “What the hell just happened?” — I’d be a rich girl.

Yeesh, I’m so out of practice with eyeshadow… It is definitely a perishable skill, at least for me. It’s not like riding a bike, where you can take years off, then hop back on and be like, “Lalala! Tão fácil! Isso é ótimo!”


As you know, I’ve been wanting to do a little more with my makeup lately — not necessarily to put more makeup on, but to, ya know, do something more ambitious than one or two lid shades and some tightlining, so I’ve been watching a lot of videos, like this one by Sephora for hooded lids, which was actually very valuable for explaining proper placement (a.k.a “where to put the lighter and darker colors”).

If you have a hooded lid situation, definitely check it out.

Thing is…it assumes you have rudimentary blending skills down pat, which I thought I had, but I guess they were tucked away somewhere because… Well, it’s not that I’m unhappy with how this eye look turned out, but I can see a few things I could have done better.


Gatos e moletom com maquiagem ??

US $ 42.

Compre agora

I like it from straight on, and from the side, with my eyes open. I think it’s pretty decently blended in the crease, and I like the way the gradient is feathering, but when I look at the pics of myself with my eyes closed…WHOA.

And this could just be me being hyper-critical of myself, because I do that, but I can see that one eye is darker than the other, and they aren’t perfectly symmetrical, and I know that I do these things because I’ve made these same mistakes 1,342,521 times before.

I also know that my eyes aren’t identical. They’re naturally asymmetrical. One is slightly larger than the other, and my smaller eye is set a little deeper the the other. Also, I’m right-handed, and I tend to press harder when I’m applying shadow on my right lid than I do on my left, making that eye’s makeup look darker if I don’t pay close attention.

Basically, these are just lessons I have to re-learn from time to time… While not rocket science, makeup is definitely a perishable skill. If you don’t use it, you freakin’ lose it.

Anywho, today’s makeup gave me a chance to get to know the new Chanel Les Beiges Deep eyeshadow palette, and girl, the browns are beautiful! They are SO pretty.

Like the wide buttery golden pan at the top? No, it isn’t MAC Soba, but it is Chanel’s version. If I just stopped trying new makeup and wore this satiny mid-toned brown daily for the rest of my life, I’d be a happy camper.

The darker browns in the palette, by the way, look really warm, almost red, but they look cooler-toned on skin. They also look darker on the skin than they do in the pans, which surprised me. This is probably also why I had some difficulty with the darker areas in the outer corners of this look, because I didn’t expect those deep browns to be so rich!


There are also two shimmery, sparkly (and silly) golds in the palette… I wish Chanel had gone with something more useful, like a less shimmery taupe and/or peach, but alas… I’ll probably skip them most of the time and stick to the three workhorse browns. Yup, that’s the ticket.

Seu viciado em beleza amigável bairro,


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