appeal Podcast: Ménage à Trois avec Jodi

This episode marks a new chapter in the appeal Podcast – there were three of us on the podcast at once!  Jodi of A Brash mindset joins feline as well as I to talk about new appeal releases, rants about public transit and the us election.

Warning: I’m incredibly crusty on this episode.

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Links as well as pictures below relating to what we talked about in the podcast (RANDOM):


Check out Rihanna rocking these flower pasties! You can get pasties with tassels for less than a dollar on ebay – complimentary shipping! (NSFW, obvs)
Scott Pilgrem Vegan Superpowers:

Filmed in Toronto!
Anna Sui collection:

It’s not restricted edition! It’s a revamp of her line. So no requirement to run out to get hold of it immediately.
ColourPop x hey there Kitty:

I’m not feeling it for some reason…
Nuworld Botanicals:

Check out my evaluation on the Cold-pressed organic Seabuckthorn + Jojoba Oil.

Consonant Skincare Ultra Moisturizing organic deal with Cream:

It’s likewise from Toronto!
I want one of these mirrors with the different light settings:

Here’s one of my much-loved bloggers, Karen of makeup as well as appeal Blog, speaking about the Chanel counter mirrors with the different illumination settings.
Related – I saw this ad in the subway:

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