Blogmas 2016: charm Bay and Sephora Haul (Gifts to Myself?)

I’m going to pass these hauls as early Christmas gifts to myself because I’m not above blatantly cheating on my low-buy.

I purchased the charm Bay items on November 24th and it finally arrived on December 16th!  The Sephora haul is from the VIB discount coupon – for VIB Rouge, the discount coupon is $25 off $50 minimum spend. I squandered no time in placing my order!

Beauty Bay

I really did not set out to haul from charm Bay but I happened to click on a link on some blog previewing Black Friday sales – I was on the site on the Thursday night before official Black Friday but the sale was live already. The deals were too good to pass up (I concentrated on brands that were 25-30% off) and everything was in stock! I went back to look on the Friday morning and all of the items I had purchased were already sold out. It was a sign, I tell you! Aqui está o que recebi:

• Anna Sui gift Tin (£3.12 / C$5.20)
• Anna Sui makeup palette #2 (£7.50 / C$12.60)
• Anna Sui Eye & face Colour Angel Feather A500 Tree (£3.93 / C$6.60)
• Anna Sui Eye & face Colour velvet Corsage V500 Amber (£5.62 / C$9.40)

These were all from the new Anna Sui revamped packaging line. just look at the packaging and the case!  I can’t believe how inexpensive everything was.

• Illamasqua Powder Blusher Disobey (£10.91 / C$18.30)
• Illamasqua Powder Eye shadow in Heroine (£8.18 / C$13.70)
I’d missed out on the much hyped Heroine eye shadow when Hudson’s Bay was clearing out their inventory – it sold out before I had a chance to get one – I was happy to snag it on sale for 30% off.

• Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel (£21.06 / C$35.40)
This product only recently came into my radar but I was really curious about its texture of gel to oil. getting it on sale was just icing on the cake!

• face Atelier Ultra foundation in Wheat (£16.24 / C$27.30)
This is one of those makeup artist industry insider cult products that I’ve been wanting to try for ages, but it’s challenging to get a hold of. It’s expected to give the most flawless complexion without the need for primer.

• Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes E116 Lilac (£9.88 / C$16.60)
A niche Dutch brand with striking packaging that I’ve always wanted to try – these are shaped like elongated bullets and fit into holders that resemble device gun bullet clips. This particular colour was 50% off so I jumped on it.

• ARTDECO Eyeshadow brush premium (£8.82 / C$14.80)
• Louise young small Socket brush (£7.28 / C$12.20)
More brushes, of course. The Artdeco brush looks a lot like the MAC 239 Shader brush… for less than half of MAC’s price.


I got myself a customizable palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills, filled with 4 shadows of my own choosing!  The singles sell frequently for C$16 each, and the empty 4-pan palette is C$8 if purchased separately. Sephora provides the filled palette for C$56 which is a $74 value. I used my C$25 off discount coupon toward this so it cost me C$31 total.

After much research and swatching at the store, I chose: Chiffon, Comfort, chocolate Crumble, and Rosette. I’m very thrilled to try these!

And this time around, I actually remembered to select my 3 samples with my order:

I chose: Dior Rouge lipstick samples (these are all mattes though hrm), MIU MIU eau de parfum, and Acqua Di Parma Rosa Nobile eau de parfum samples.

Merry Christmas TO ME!  Did you purchase yourself any early Christmas presents?

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