Helpless Whilst Drying’s Favourites huge Giveaway Goodies!

After rather the delay with the publish office shipment (I believe royal Mail as well as Canada publish were equally to blame for this snafu!), I lastly got my legendary prize from Rachael of Helpless Whilst Drying! I don’t utilize the word ‘epic’ lightly, I mean, just look at this:

It was like Christmas as well as my birthday all rolled into one as I unwrapped product after item!

Contrary to what one may think, I don’t really go into that lots of blog giveaways. frequently times, I don’t qualify since I online in a far away land called Canada. as well as I only go into giveaways on blogs that I like to support, of blog writers who I understand well as well as have linked with online. So it was a no-brainer that I’d go into Rachael’s 2 year blogiversary giveaway – never believing I’d really win it!  What’s particularly interesting is that these curated products are her personal favourites – I’m sure they’ll ended up being mine too!  Here’s a a lot more in-depth look at whatever I received:

• The wet clean Hairbrush
• Lee Stafford Coco Loco brilliant Lotion
First of all, the Lee Stafford product smells amazing! As soon as I opened the parcel, the scent of coconut came wafting with – I can’t wait to utilize this. as well as secondly, who told Rachael that I barely ever clean my hair? the most I do is run a large tooth comb with my hair from time to time in the shower.  Now I have no excuse.

• Lamora 7pc Eye clean Set
And what do you get for a self professed clean addict? a lot more brushes, of course!

• Essence All about Matte Concealer in 10 Matt Beige
• Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in Nude
• Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette
• Body shop Instablur Primer

• NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen
• flexibility pro Lipstick in born With It
• Fleur De force Lipgloss in Written in the Stars
• Lottie nail polish in dream Weaver
• Body shop Hand cream in Strawberry
I’m particularly psyched to try the Fleur De force lipgloss as well as Lottie nail polish!

• makeup transformation Redemption combination in famous 2
• flexibility pro highlight Powder in Diffused
• makeup transformation blush in Sugar
• makeup transformation Translucent Powder
Very ecstatic to utilize these! Rachael encouraged that the Freedom powder is indicated to be a dupe for the hourglass Ambient illumination Powder! as well as as if ONE combination isn’t enough, Rachael included this additional MR one in the parcel. She included the MR blush as one more additional – she understands what a blush addict I am!

Rachael composed me a charming note which included a cheat sheet listing with the £ pricing of each product so I can include in my future reviews!  That’s a mark of a true blogger!

• Juicy Couture I am Juicy Couture Rollerball
I’ve never tried a Juicy Couture perfume before – this has a fresh fruity scent. The crucial notes are raspberry, enthusiasm fruit as well as gardenia – smells like spring to me!

And of course, she included treats of the edible kind!

A couple of the chocolates are offered right here (Maltesers are one of my much-loved chocolates!) however I’ve not tried the Ripple or the Milkybar Buttons.

A big say thanks to YOU to Rachael for this extraordinary giveaway! I’ve been totally spoiled! I’m ecstatic to play around with whatever as well as will of course, do some evaluations as well as let you understand my thoughts. have you tried any type of of these goodies?

Are you complying with the Helpless Whilst Drying blog? exactly how about her Twitter as well as Instagram? If not, get to it!

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