A lista de luxúria, vol. 7: stuff I Kinda want

spring (dresses) on my mind
It’s 88 degrees here best meow, and when I looked in the drawer earlier where my summer shorts were expected to be, I only found two pairs of jeans shorts…

Where the heck did my other shorts go?!? Did I Konmari them into oblivion? Não me lembro.


Anyway, the next many logical thing for me to do was to go online and look for new spring dresses, HAHA! Obviamente.

So, these are all from Old Navy and LOFT, and the main reason for that is because both are within easy driving distance of my house (Vintage Oaks in Novato). and also because Old Navy has good deals (all their dresses are on sale online best now), and their dresses are device washable.

Let me tell you, when your clothes practically always have baby food and/or cat hair on them, device washable is very important.


Gatos e moletom com maquiagem ??

US $ 42.

Compre agora

All of these caught my eye for one reason or another…

Old Navy Off-the-Shoulder Chambray shift dress ($37) — I love me some chambray! and I love the detailing at the bottom, but I don’t know if if I ought to “go there” with this dress, because I can see the Coywolf pulling down that top part while we’re in line at Target and exposing my bosom for all the world to see.

Old Navy fit + Flare Cami dress ($25) — The cut of this dress might be a little too young for this 40-something-year-old gal, but I sure do love the tropical print.
Eh, if you’re in your teens or 20s, you could completely rock this, and I’ll rock it with you in spirit.

Old Navy Sleeveless Pintuck Swing dress ($30) — Hello, yellow! So bright and happy. I love the idea of this dress swinging in the breeze…

Old Navy fit & Flare Cutwork Midi dress ($42) — I’m thinking that the length of this dress might make me look pint-sized, but oh, the color!
Ah, imagine all the coral lipsticks you could wear with it…

Old Navy One-Shoulder Swing dress ($25) — Homegirl can’t say no to a good striped dress, or a ruffle, for that matter! This dress combines both.

Old Navy jersey Tee dress in Red stripe ($24) — If the ruffle is too much, and I feel like it would be on some days, this red and white striped number could be a cute alternative, yeah?

Loft Bontanic cold take on dress ($89.50) — The print on this reminds me of vintage china tea cups, which I’m fascinated by for some reason.

Loft lace Halter dress ($118) — I love the deep teal, the lace, the cut and the halter neckline… I seriously love everything about this dress. thing is, OH! I forgot to mention that I never pay full price for Loft, ever, because they go on sale every other day. No, seriously. They run 40% and 50% off sales often, so if you see something you like, just wait for it.

Loft beach floral Medallion Halter dress ($59.50) — how pretty is this print? I think the burgundy would look * incredible with gold jewelry.
* It would also conceal baby food stains well. #apenas dizendo

Loft Islander ruffle Midi dress ($69.50) — baby food stains would be harder to hide on this white and khaki dress, but I like the thought of wearing this dress with a stack of gold bangles on both arms.

Loft Plaid Flutter dress ($79.50) — This dress looks so breezy and comfortable, ah… What a ideal Saturday dress.


Este sou eu! What’s on your lust list, babes?

Seu viciado amigável de charme de bairro,


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