5 things I’ve Been Loving Lately

1. Tocca Cleopatra Candela Luxe ($54)

Kind of a sucker over here! Yep, I’m a sucker for elegant candles, as well as this is from Tocca, the makers of Bianca, which is one of my premiere many ideal perfumes of all time. Candela Luxe is a new collection of high-end candles influenced by their fragrances, as well as each one is available in a beautiful glass you can repurpose. They’re likewise rated to shed for 60 hours (!).

The one I have is the Cleopatra, which fills my instant vicinity with the aromas of clean, crisp cucumber as well as wonderful grapefruit.



2. L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Nailcolor ($9.99)

These dynamic nail polish duos have twin tips! One end has a vibrant base shade, as well as the other end has a (very lightly) tinted top coat. The concept is that you can avoid an extra base coat, as well as just utilize one of these with its accompanying top coat.

They are available in a range of colors (I’ve been using them a great deal in videos). I’ve evaluated a creamy light blue shade called unlimited sky as well as a creamy taupe called ageless Taupe, as well as unlimited sky chipped on me quite rapidly (like within a day!), however ageless Taupe made it about five days before the very first chips appeared at the edges, which isn’t poor for me, thinking about the heck I put my nails with every day, all day.


Gatos e moletom com maquiagem ??

US $ 42.

Compre agora

I’m going to try always A woman next, which is a dark reddish brown… I assumption I’m in the mood for fall!

3. Trader Joe’s Sour Gummies ($1.99)

ERHMAHGOSH! There’s a essential lime sour gummy!

I believe I may have discussed that I’ve been all about sour flavors lately (especially lime), as well as that’s why I put this in my buying cart the other day.

Homem, oh, homem! — I’m so happy I did. They’re delicious. They’re gummier as well as firmer (furmier? LOL!) than routine sour gummies… They likewise stay with my teeth worse/more, which isn’t ideal, however I can neglect that on account of them being so tasty.

The flavors are lemon, grapefruit (YUM), lime as well as tangerine, as well as they’re all in bit “T” or “J” shapes.

I will be getting one more bag on my next trip to Trader Joe’s.

4. Taco Night

My friend, if you can, marry a guy who will make you bomb-@ss tacos.

I desired them one night, however I didn’t want to make them, as well as El Hub leaped into action! I don’t understand exactly how we made it so long in our connection without me understanding that this guy can MAKE SOME TACOS.

Like, he truly can’t cook anything else, in general, other than the few dishes that kept him to life during his bachelor days (grilled cheese, scrambled eggs as well as toast, pork as well as bean sandwiches, that type of thing), so I don’t always count on him to feed us properly, however the few things he can make, he makes really, truly well.

And one of those things are tacos.

This week we had a Taco Tuesday as well as a Taco Wednesday since the tacos were so great that I desired them two nights in a row. They’re quite fundamental — diced tomatoes, shredded iceberg lettuce, ground beef (or ground veggie-burger), shredded cheddar cheese, full-fat sour cream, diced black olives as well as crispy corn taco shells from Trader Joe’s — however daaaayum! Tão bom.

5. Mossimo MB printed storage tank top from Target ($22.99)

Hello, new preferred top!

I believe it looks pricier than it really is. I discovered it while buying for pajamas at Target, as well as it was so adorable that I involuntarily dropped it in my cart.

Mine is a bit different than the one shown here. It’s solid black (I got the last one in the store!), however I believe this printed one is adorable too.

I like the outlining around the neckline as well as the shoulders, as well as exactly how it drapes around the torso without looking untidy or as well baggy. The material likewise holds up well without ending up being a mass of wrinkles.

I like using it with skinnies or leggings, as well as with either large stud earrings or hoops as well as a bracelet.


E você? What are 5 things you’ve been loving lately?

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