Maquiagem, bem como charme blog segunda-feira, vol. 417

You may be wondering, “So what in tarnation is this Monday Poll thing anyway!?”

Bem, não é precisamente uma pesquisa. It’s much more of a continuously evolving (devolving?), somewhat random listing of concerns I’ve been putting out to visitors every Monday morning for the past seven years. (É como um kickstart para o seu cérebro.) Eu sempre me deliciei ao ler suas respostas nos comentários, assim como espero que você se deleite em ler o meu.

What makeup colors are you using today?
Today I’m using the new Tarte Sultry star Power combination from the double responsibility charm collection.

Yay! One little step toward company as usual!

(Small victories…)

It’s a cool-toned palette, so I’m using cool-toned matte as well as shimmery taupes on my eyes with smudgy black liner, matte plum blush on my cheeks as well as a neutral peachy lip.

It’s by no implies a ideal look since I banged it out in 15 minutes, however I’m at the point now where I don’t truly care if my liner is a bit wonky, ya know?

As long as it stays up there as well as isn’t totally tragic, I’m happy… LOL!

Whom do you feel closest to?
Um…my feline Tabs? as well as El Hub, of course, as well as Connor Claire.

Where do you see yourself this time around next year?
Hopefully someplace where I’m less tired!

I dunno, though…

Anywho, anywhere I am, as well as whatever I’m doing, I hope I feel creatively satisfied. Like, I’d like to check out my other innovative interests more, like with lettering as well as calligraphy, music (learning to play the cello as well as the accordion have been on my container listing forever), painting as well as interior design.

What do you always avoid?

I’m not extremely great at it, so I prevent it whenever I can. Oddly enough, however, the world on a regular basis locations confrontational people in my path, as well as so I’ve had to discover exactly how to deal with it a bit better.

Er…and I likewise prevent cleaning the bathroom, ’cause it’s my least preferred home chore.

What was the last fruit you ate?
Toranja! I had a huge ol’ one for breakfast.

Here’s the thing about grapefruit, though: I have to have it chilly (like best outta the fridge); otherwise, I can’t eat it.

Room temperature grapefruit is a no-go for me.


Sua vez. Basta copiar, bem como colar o cumprimento de preocupações em um comentário com suas respostas. Eu olho em frente para lê-los!

1. What makeup colors are you using today?
2. Whom do you feel closest to?
3. Where do you see yourself this time around next year?
4. What do you always avoid?
5. What was the last fruit you ate?


Have a fantastic week, my friend. I hope you’re feelin’ fly.

Seu viciado de encanto amigável comunitário,


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