MAC Unsung Heroes: MAC Fleur Power blush

MAC Fleur Power Blush
The long-running Unsung Heroes series right here on makeup as well as charm blog features a few of my all-time preferred long-term collection products.

This is one of my preferred MAC blushes, as well as I’ve been using it for years. I very first featured it back in 2015.

‘Tis the season for smoky eyes, fa-la-la-la-laa-la-la-la-laaaa!


But there isn’t just one season for smoky eyes, fa-la-la-la-laa-la-la-la-laaaa!

Every season is a great season for smoky eyes, fa-la-la-la-laa-la-la-la-laaaa!

OK now I’m gonna stop singing this dumb song, fa-la-la-la-laa-la-la-la-laaaa!


Gatos e moletom com maquiagem ??

US $ 42.

Compre agora

Seriously, though, autumn as well as winter season are the very best seasons for using smoky eyes. That’s when they feel additional very duper *right* to me, together with using boots as well as sweatshirts as well as chunky knit scarves.

Even just generally, since of the cooler weather condition as well as no danger of sweating whatever off, this is my preferred time to wear a bit much more makeup.

Good times, peeps. ótimos tempos.

And you understand what can take your smoky eyes to the next level? — or, at least assist you look much more awake?

Corar. You gotta get some blush up in there, too.

Wearing MAC Fleur Power blush on my cheeks…and yes, I’m likewise using pajamas
Today, it’s all about MAC Fleur Power blush ($22), homie. wear it with smoky eyes — any type of smoky eyes — as well as you’ll be set. It’s a mid-temp pink with a kiss of coral, so it goes excellent with warm- or cool-toned smoky eye looks.

If you like a natural-looking pink cheek flush, like where you look like you just came in from the chilly as well as your cheeks look all cherub-y, Fleur Power kicks butt.

It’s an outstanding daily blush with all-day staying power, as well as I’d even go so far as to phone call it widely flattering.

And because it’s part of the MAC long-term line, you can always get your paws on it. No requirement to concern about it disappearing into restricted edition makeup oblivion.

Technically a MAC Satin Blush, Fleur Power looks much more like a matte on my cheeks. I barely see anything satin or shimmery about it, however that likewise makes it treat my pores as well as fine lines well.

I typically wear Fleur Power with either brown or gray smoky eyes, by the way, since I like exactly how the pink injects some color into the look without taking over. then I couple that with either a pale or bright pink lip.

You might likewise rock it with a brighter eye look, like a purple or blue smoky eye, however in that case, I’d most likely choose a nude lip instead of pink, lest you end up with a whole lotta color on your face… Unless that’s what you want, as well as if you do, hey, that’s great too.

MAC Fleur Power blush swatched on my NC42 skin

I suggest softly tapping your blush clean into the pan when you work with this color since it’s SO pigmented. I get method as well much if I just swirl. Fo’ reals, you only requirement a little.


Altamente recomendado!

Seu viciado de encanto amigável comunitário,


The MAC Unsung Heroes series (a subset of my routine Unsung makeup Heroes series) features a few of my all-time preferred products from MAC’s long-term collection

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